About This Project

The City of Petoskey has participated in a series of discussions around building and fostering sustainability and resilience in cooperation with other municipalities, regional advocacy groups and several community foundations throughout northwest Lower Michigan. Based on these robust discussions, the City of Petoskey is now taking the next step and developing a Sustainability Framework for the City with the assistance of LIAA.

The Sustainability Framework will provide the structure for a new Master Plan for the City in 2019 and help unify past and current planning efforts by recognizing a common set of priorities and establishing a set of overarching sustainability goals for the City. As part of this effort, the City plans to inform and engage the community, key staff and local officials about sustainability, resilience and related best practices, and how these concepts are important to Petoskey.

In addition, the civic engagement activities completed during this project could complement and/or supplement future civic engagement activities planned by Emmet County as part of its upcoming County-wide Master Planning process.